Facility and Rentals

Main Theatre
The Red Skelton Performing Arts Center is home to an 850 seat theatre that was designed in the European Opera house style, with 2 balconies, creating an intimate atmosphere for both performer and audience. Performances include 3 annual productions by the VU Theatre Department and ensemble performances by the Music Department including band, choir and faculty recitals. The theatre is also host to a myriad of programs and events put on by the University including Student Activity shows and the VU Alumni Foundation’s Community Series.

Theatre Lobby

In the front lobby of the theatre sits a bronze sculpture of Red Skelton. Vincennes native Mark Parmenter created the sculpture that was donated to VU by the McCormick Family Foundation. Combined with its black granite base, the sculpture stands more than 10 feet tall and weighs about 1 ton.
The lobby has great acoustic qualities which make it ideal for receptions that would feature small music ensembles.

Green Room

A place for performers to relax before the show and receive guests after the show. It is equipped with a Clear Com monitor which allows performers to communicate with tech staff and hear what is going on onstage. It is also right across the hall from stage door right.

Lab Theatre

The Lab theatre is a second performance space and main classroom in the building.
Classes taught in this space include: acting, dance,choir and music theatre masterclasses. Theatre productions use this space for rehearsals since it is the same size as the main stage. It is also ideal for recitals that would draw a small audience or experimental theatre.